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The Best IFTTT Recipes for Sales

IFTTT (If this then that) is one of my favourite tools to use for automating my workflow and making my work life easier in general.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend downloading the app and having a play around with it. IFTTT works so seamlessly, once you’ve set it up you can just forget you even have it.

Please click through the link to set the recipe.

Here are my fave recipes for sales staff, and business owners who get involved in their own sales.

Automatically save texts to your Android phone to a Google Doc. Could be useful for adding text conversations to your CRM as well as keeping track.

Automatically log all your Android phone calls to a Google Spreadsheet.

Automatically log all the Android phone calls you receive to a Google Spreadsheet.

Automatically get an email if you miss a phone call on your Android.

Automatically add a calendar reminder on your Google Calendar when you miss a phone call. Busy with calls? Make sure that you don’t forget to call back!

Automatically unsilence your Android at a specific time each day. Have your phone on silent at home and then loud at work? Could come in handy instead of doing it manually each day.

When you have a Google Calendar invite scheduled, mute your Android ringtone.

After a meeting ends, automatically turn your Android ringtone back on.

Keep an automatic log of how much time you’re spending in the office.

I hope that you’ve found these recipes as useful as I have! Let me know if you have any other IFTTT tips for business owners or sales staff.