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I love creating content because I love research, selling, persuasion, rhetoric and creating a good, solid argument.

Good content should educate your customer and increase their readiness to buy, it can also make them aware of your brand and keep in frequent contact with it. And it has a host of other perks such as enabling lead generation and improving your ranking in search engines.

Content writing is not a short game, I’ve worked with clients who are still getting the benefits of content they’ve published 5 years ago. It takes consistency and commitment to see the benefits of content, it’s best to update as regularly as you can.

My experience with content ranges from detailed explainer blogs and ebooks to light-hearted community newsletters. And I’ve produced content for clients on topics such as I.T, telecoms, finance, law, health and safety, construction, care, community topics and fitness.

I also write my own articles and blogs about entrepreneurship and mental wellbeing.

written content should be



It's important to get to know you, your industry and your customer to create content that will perform.



I've had great results when it comes to increasing results in search engines through regular content creation.



Content should be measured and compared easily and should support the efforts of your sales team.



Good content should be readable and easily understood by your customer. Clear goals and call to actions should be set.

blogs email whitepaper ebook infographic content blogs email whitepaper ebook infographic content

Content writing is a commitment – not a campaign


– Jon Buscall

Improve presence in search

Producing regular, helpful content on your website helps to increase your rankings in search engines.

MOZ – one of the biggest SEO authorities have stated that keeping a regular blog is the best way to improve the SEO of your website after getting high-quality backlinks.

Educate and persuade

Blogging can fill gaps in your potential customers’ knowledge and help them understand why your service is right for them. It can make them aware of a problem that your business can solve.

Increase Traffic

You might not be able to attract many website visitors with your current content, regular blogging about useful topics will encourage more people to your site. Once they’re there, you can capture their information and nurture them further down the sales funnel.


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