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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising Services

I’m experienced in a variety of online advertising mediums including Google and Bing Ads, but I have had the best results from Facebook and Instagram advertising.

There has been no advertising medium in history quite like Facebook (and Instagram) ads. We can create custom audiences using artificial intelligence gathered from your website which result in highly targeted and highly effective campaigns!

Whether you need to sell products, grow an audience, collect leads or get registrations for an event – I believe I can get you some excellent results using my method. With A/B testing, we can drill down on the success of our campaign, making tiny tweaks using micro-budgets until we have an ad that performs well.

That way, we can be sure the ad budget will be a good investment before we do a large spend – not after!

Want to give me a spin? Take a look at my packages below.


Facebook and Instagram ad Packages

  • Facebook pixel code created and set up on your website by a qualified and experienced developer.
  • Creation of pixel goals.
  • Creation of up to 10 audiences for you to use in your campaigns.

£120 – one-off payment

  • Facebook Pixel set up.
  • Pixel goals set up.
  • Audiences are created as needed.
  • You provide the creative, I set up 1 campaign with 3 A/B variations.
  • We run the ads with whatever budget you feel comfortable.
  • At the end of the month, we review the report and decide how to improve the performance of the ads next month.

Starting from £270 per month

Facebook pixel code created and set up on your website by a qualified and experienced developer.

Creation of pixel goals.

Creation of up to 10 audiences for you to use in your campaigns.

You provide the creative, I set up 3 campaigns.

We do a 1.5-hour training workshop with your team where I walk you through what I’ve done and show you how you can manage the campaign yourself.

£550 one off payment

Need more help later on? Further hours are priced at £50 per hour.



Define Goal

What's the goal of this advertisement? Is it to collect leads, get someone to trial a service, attend an event, or do you just want loads of followers?


Who are we trying to target? There are many options and we can create an incredibly detailed target, either working from a Facebook Pixel which I can install in your site, or a buyer profile we can create together.

A/B Test

A/B testing is important to ensure that we are getting an ad with a low cost per click and a high performance. From spending a few pounds, we can see which ad is going to perform best.


Which medium has worked best for you and where should we be investing our budget and time?


Katie is a breath of fresh air. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she has definitely worked above and beyond our expectations for one of our FMCG clients. She knows her stuff and it's been a pleasure to have her on board. She comes highly recommended!

Dawn Strange Media Matters PR

Katie has helped me grow my business from the very outset of us working together. She is professional, super friendly and organised. She has helped me to understand online marketing platforms and is so keen for my business to be a success. I really value her input and I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

Frankie Founder of Retroglow Studios

Carefully monitored

An ad can be stopped at any time and retargeted for optimum results.

Highly targetted

Facebook allows us to target very specific demographics by areas such as age, gender, interests and location.


Facebook Pixel is a little bit of code installed on your website. It can track who is visiting what page, and allows us to advertise to that person again.

Facebook can also create a lookalike audience, of people it thinks are the most similar to the other people who visited your contact page, for example.


More interested in a monthly social media content creation service?

Contact me for a chat about social media ads.

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