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Strategy – Content, Social + Marketing

Marketing Strategy Package

A great strategy inspires, enabling you to create content with ease and attract your customer. 
A strategist is on the hook – our job is to increase the revenue of your business. We have several established formulas to help us achieve this.

After working with countless businesses on a variety of projects, I identified that two issues kept reappearing.

  1. In start-up or small businesses, budget was not high enough for marketing support. Meaning that they couldn’t take their business to the next level.
  2. In established or larger businesses, basic brand strategy steps had been skipped. Leaving businesses with a budget high enough to afford ongoing marketing support, but a weak message which resulted in ineffective campaigns and expensive marketing with poor return.

And so I set out to design a package that would allow businesses of all sizes to work on a comprehensive brand strategy that could support them at all stages of business. From start-ups needing formulation – to invigoration and refreshment for established businesses.

Who is this strategy package for?


Businesses with no marketing support

If you're a small business who can't afford marketing support and you need to be absolutely confident that your strategy is going to work for you before you expend time and energy marketing the business yourself.


Businesses who need freshening up

Maybe you, or someone else started the business a while ago and you're at a pivotal stage of growth, or a quiet period. You need to revisit early brand strategy that was poorly thought out, or rushed.


Businesses who need formal docs

Have it all in your head but you've worked out that you need a strategy on a document that you can send to agencies, investors, contractors and the like?


Employees who want strategy support

Brand or marketing strategy positions can be high pressure and time intensive. Leaving not much time to brainstorm and get inspired.

What does the strategy package include?

Why work on strategy with me?

  • You’re an expert on your business, I have the perspective of someone who has worked on multiple businesses. Think your problem is unique? The likelihood is that I’ve come across it and worked on it with someone else in a totally different industry.
  • Get inspired and go to your boss or colleagues with great ideas.
  • Organise your ideas so that you can clearly communicate them to anyone who wants to work on your brand. Such as; designers, social media managers or support staff.
  • This is not a coaching package. It’s not about making you feel a certain type of way or helping you discover the answers within. It’s about creating tangible results.
  • I have 6 years of creative training and I understand how to get the best out of people creatively, what inspires, what feels overworked and what blocks creative energy. This is about working on ideas together,  and I completely understand that you may currently be in an environment where you don’t feel able to creatively produce.

Your first session is free. In this hour, I get to know you and your business and the problems you are currently facing.

We take a deep dive into your current marketing activity, the numbers you’re getting from it and analyse this information.

We also discuss where you want your business to take you – and what you want to get out of it. What are your growth goals and aspirations?

Most businesses lack vision. Without vision, you have no strategy. What are you trying to achieve with your business and what vision are we attempting to sell to your customer?

With a weak and uninspiring vision, your customer will feel uninspired and your message will be weak.

Time investment: 1.5 hour

Tangible result: A vision statement + 5 bold steps to achieve the vision.

We don’t need to know where your customer goes on holiday or what they eat for dinner unless it’s relevant to your brand strategy.

Most businesses don’t have customer profiles, and if they do – they’re so specific that they end up being vague and useless.

Most businesses DO have a clear understanding of who their customer is, but don’t have a formal document that they can hand over to other people within the business, or contractors who don’t understand the customer.

With a great customer profile – your content strategy becomes simple because it becomes a case of creating content that you know your customer will enjoy and find useful. So if content and advertising feels fuzzy and strenuous at the moment, this is a sign that you need to readjust what you know about your customer.

Time commitment: 1.5 hours

Tangible result: Customer profile + segmentation. Customer journey map.


In order to understand, and explain, where your business fits within the market you must understand your competitors, their pricing and their branding.

There is a lot of fuzz around competitor strategy at the moment. Business and ‘success coaches’ like to give the advice that you should ignore your competitors, or believe in ‘community over competition’ but believe that your customer will not ignore your competition. It’s imperative that you understand this part of your customer’s journey.

Nor are your competitors part of your community. In the words of advertiser Dave Trott ‘Marketing is a zero-sum game, if you want something, you have to take it from someone else.’ When we’re marketing, we are getting customers to spend money with us that they could have spent with someone else. Our gain is another’s loss.

Understanding our competitor’s strategies also helps us create a fresh voice in the market and stand out from the crowd. Too many businesses are just working on a marketing activity because their competitors are doing it that way. In this session, we break out of that mentality and create a unique perspective.

Time commitment: 1.5 hour

Tangible result: Competitor analysis

Now that we understand our vision, competitor and customer – what is the value proposition that we offer our customers? In this session, we nail that down. Using a value proposition design canvas.

Time commitment: 1.5 hour

Tangible result: Value proposition

As an analytical person, storytelling does not come naturally to me. In fact, I found it flat out impossible and avoid even the most basic anecdote. However, there’s so much information out in the world about how to tell a story well. After a lot of studying, I realised that we can fit our business within the story of a customer, with clever storytelling.

In this story development workshop, we work through how to do that with your business and your customer.

Time commitment: 1.5 hour

Tangible result: Story framework. 

Using everything we’ve learned in the previous sessions, what would our customers love to see in our content? How can we keep them interested and engaged? How can we use this knowledge to expand our business?

In this hour, we brainstorm and come up with ideas in a free, fluid and non-critical way.

Time commitment: 1 hour

Tangible result: Brainstorm of content ideas for you to action.

How much does it cost?

I’ve carefully and lovingly designed these strategy sessions after 8 years of consulting with businesses about their marketing problems, studying and practising.

Whilst business and success coaches make themselves quite accessible, traditionally marketing strategy has only been reserved for the largest businesses. But my clients need more practical guidance than coaches can offer, and need tangible results and documentation.

Sessions with me are available in my full 7 session course, as individual workshops for you and your team, or as individual 1 to 1 support hours, which you may choose at the beginning of your journey, or for guidance after you leave our programme.

If you’d like to get started with our initial free discovery call, you can book in some time with me through my Calendly. Or feel free to email me for more information, or suggestions on what you’d like to see.

  • Discovery/ Analysis 1 hour
  • Vision Setting 1.5 hour
  • Customer 1.5 hour
  • Competitor 1.5 hour
  • Value proposition 1.5 hour
  • Story telling 1.5 hour
  • Content strategy 1.5 hour


Payment is taken half upfront and half at the end of your sessions, upon full completion and a successful project!

If you wish, you can buy my strategy sessions individually as workshops for you or your team.

£150 per 1.5 hour session

Some of my clients don’t need set workshops, and instead require 1 to 1 support while they work on their own marketing strategy and get to grips with setting up Google Ad campaigns or social media content plans.

£100 per hour


Need someone to handle your social media for you? Take a look at my social media services page…

Have questions? Just send me an email via the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. ?

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