Fragata Content Strategy

Fragata UK were in need of a content refresh and we wanted to show their customers easy ways they could use olives. We wanted content that was more in line with the new ways people were using foodstagram and foodtok – but without a budget increase. 

In collaboration with The Black Eye Project, I went into the studio and worked on some recipe creation for images and reels/tik-toks. Black Eye did the photograph, copy and editing.

I also commissioned a variety of influencers and recipe developers for both paid and gifted campaigns so that we’d have a greater pool of content that was more relatable to users and fitted in better with modern social content.

The results? Comparing the past 6 months with the new content to the previous period we saw only a 2% increase in reach (same ad budget after all) but a 248% increase in engagement overall. Yay!

I also work on commissioning recipe development and blog articles for the Fragata website, with a view to improving their SEO long-term. In the last 6 months, Fragata have seen their site raise its average position by 4 places, resulting in more impressions and clicks to the site via search.