Most of my clients engage with me for full-suite social. That is, to take social media management completely off their hands. However, I am able to work on a supportive basis where I for example; worked on community engagement or influencer marketing only.

My services are outlined below. Please bear in mind you can engage with one, or all of these as part of your package. Please click on the service to go into more detail.

Content Strategy

Working out what activity and creative the business actually needs. Here we develop a calendar.

Content Creation

Getting the content made - whether it be video, photo, copy or graphics. Either ourselves or using specialists.

Social Media Management

This means gathering content together, scheduling it and ensuring it is posted.

Influencer Marketing

Enhancing the brands profile by working on paid or gifted campaigns with influencers.

Social Advertising

Online ads: Meta (Facebook + Instagram), LinkedIn or Tik Tok

Community Engagement

Responding to comments, complaints, messages and requests on social.

Reporting and Analysis

You'll need to justify your marketing spend and work out where time and energy is best spent.

Need coaching instead?
If you need 1:1 strategy, training and coaching instead for yourself or an employee, please check out my coaching package. Currently at a discounted rate!

Unsure which social media services you actually need?

That's okay, often clients aren't really sure what will work best for them. Sometimes we even start with one service and change to another later on. Fill in some brief details in the contact form about the project and I'll get back to you. Alternatively, you can email me on