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About my coaching

I’m very experienced in all aspects of Digital Marketing and have extensive case studies of ways I’ve enabled business growth. I’ve also ran my own freelancing business for over a decade. I use a co-active coaching approach – you’re in the driving seat and I’m here to collaborate with you. As well as being a friend and confidant.

Good coaching should create an environment where the coachee is safe to explore strategy, new ideas, spite, regret, joy and anything else they can’t confide in with people such as their employees, wife, friends or family. Owning a business involves a lot of adrenaline and dopamine spikes and dips which can make you look like you have serious issues for anyone who isn’t a business owner themselves. Above all, it can be a lonely experience. 

My clients and I work heavily on their marketing strategy and implementation. The end goal is something they are proud of – that generates business. 

About you

It’s important to work with a coach who has more experience than you do in the skill you’re looking to gain. Otherwise, you’d just be hiring a cheerleader.

I don’t work on large managerial projects or coach people who are at my level or higher in digital. I work with people who are either new to business (employed or self employed) or who are much more experienced than me in business but feel they lack digital marketing skills. 

I currently work with coachees of a wide range of demographics. From 18 to 65.

I am trauma informed, I do my best to stay educated about race, age and gender impact, and can work with you at any level of neurodivergence and have plenty of experience doing so. 

My coachees are usually gritty, highly talented, emotional and funny. I believe in every single one of them 100%.

Project management
Customer personas
Social media management
Content creation
Entrepreneurial stress
Entrepreneurial loneliness
Personal brand
Competitor analysis
Professional growth

Want to be my new coaching project?

Please email me with a little introduction about yourself and we can book in a free get-to-know session. 


Studio G

I've been coached by Katie for a few months now, and the insight and clarity she provides has been invaluable. The way she helps to connect the dots of my business goals to present situations is beyond useful, Katie's support is easily one of the best investments I've made in my business so far.

Moir Consulting

Katie has helped my business grow from 1 to 6 retainer-based clients within 3 months. Her solid business advice, coupled with a focus on personal development makes her my ideal coach. Thank you so much, Katie!

Ryan Hall Photography

So after searching for a marketing consultant to help me with my business growth, I kept seeing Katie's website pop up. So I reached out and we connected, and ever since then, my business and understanding of marketing have elevated to a position I only dreamt of. With great confidence in Katie, came the power of growth. I would recommend her time and again, as I already have, to anyone who wants to grow their business.

Over the 6 months I have worked with Katie, she has been an exceptional advisor, manager and mentor. As someone who had little previous experience in a marketing and social position she has taught and guided me an exceptional amount, kindly going way above and beyond what she was required to do. She has always pushed me in the right direction and been clear in areas to improve. The combination of the passion and drive with which she applies herself and her significant knowledge and understanding of her field is what makes her a truly fantastic person to work with.”

A portrait of Emma, a marketing manager at venner nutrition