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social media digital marketing content writing consultation support social media digital marketing content writing consultation support

digital marketing freelancer

βœ“Β  13 years experience in corporate marketing
βœ“ Proven results and a stack of happy clients
βœ“ Social media and ad portfolio

Social Media Strategy + Management

I'm a social media marketing manager in Sheffield, UK who has been working freelance for about 8 years! Before then I worked on social media campaigns in-house and agency side. I still work for some of the country's best marketing agencies. My work is varied, I create content as well as managing graphic design, influencer or photography projects. I don't believe in social for the sake of it, and I get excited about creating content that actually helps to build a community around your brand. We're creating to entertain your followers - not just to keep me in work! Social media is always changing. Something that works great for you in 2015 might not still be appropriate for you in 2022. So I help businesses regularly update their social strategies by planning customer profiles and brand voices with them, so they can confidently create. I work with brands who range from your multinational household names, to local yoga studios. If you want to find out more about what I could do for you, or you need help troubleshooting your existing marketing, then please email me to book in a free 1 hour consultation. Alternatively, fee free to email me for a quick quote. Find out more about my history on LinkedIn, and be sure to send me a connection request.



Social media management

Social media content creation and profile management

Social ads

Facebook or Instagram campaign set up and management


Brand + marketing strategy packages, workshops and 1 to 1's.


I'm not afraid to take leadership of a project so that you can relax knowing that your marketing is being taken care of. Or you can get fired up with me and collaborate on workshops, brainstorming sessions and ideas! I'm used to working with very busy people, so the choice is yours.


Need someone to get you started with Facebook ads or social media, and you do the maintenance yourself? I do project setups and training so that you have everything you need. I also provide consulting to small businesses and can do deep dives and analysis of previous work for agencies and medium businesses. Get a fresh start and forward march!

free consultation


Let's chat

Have a problem you'd like me to sink my teeth into? Want to understand more about my services and pricing? I offer free initial consultations. Get in touch - I love talking about business! πŸ™‚




    I get to know you, your business and your customer in depth. Then I sketch out some ideas of what we are going to work on and what it will look like. Research is on-going each month.


    I create, upload, format and monitor your audience's responses. I always show my clients content before it is published if you wish, but I'm happy to go ahead and work independently if you don't.


    I am a big lover of statistics. I see marketing as a science project that should be measured carefully and changed quickly if needed. I supply you with a chart of results each month with plans on how to grow.


    The results are in, how have things gone? Perhaps we need to put more time and budget here, and less there. My campaigns are constantly evolving in order to improve results over time.


    Enthusiasm, passion and genuine care.

    Katie really got our social media started from scratch, which was incredibly helpful and supportive. She bought enthusiasm, passion and genuine care to our work, which is really special and I appreciate so much.

    Laura Holland Venner Nutrition

    Above and beyond our expectations

    Katie is a breath of fresh air. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she has definitely worked above and beyond our expectations for one of our FMCG clients. She knows her stuff and it's been a pleasure to have her on board. She comes highly recommended!

    Dawn Strange Media Matters PR

    Katie has helped me grow my business from the very outset of us working together

    Katie has helped me grow my business from the very outset of us working together. She is professional, super friendly and organised. She has helped me to understand online marketing platforms and is so keen for my business to be a success. I really value her input and I thoroughly enjoy working with her.

    Frankie Founder of Retroglow Studios

    We saw an increase in engagement across all accounts

    Katie managed a number of social media accounts for us for the past 3 years, she is a pleasure and very easy to work with. She delivers very relevant content to each industry, we saw an increase in engagement across all accounts and she always kept us in the loop with any platform changes.

    Nadia Porter Go Strategy

    Social campaigns that drive great engagement

    Katie has a natural ability to find the story in a brand and link it to interesting things across online culture. She delivers social campaigns that drive great engagement, all with a natural tone of voice that remains true to a brand.

    Ben Foster SEO Works

    We have achieved a 90% increase in organic traffic this year compared to previous years and the numbers are still growing

    Systems Assurance are a Microsoft Gold Partner, our niche is corporate cloud environments. In these difficult times it’s even more important we get a clearly defined message out there. I've been working with Katie and Jess for a year now, they did exactly that and we have achieved a 90% increase in organic traffic this year compared to previous years and the numbers are still growing.

    Simon Lewington Systems Assurance

    We're now number 1 in Google and our traffic continues to grow in a very competitive market place

    I have been highly impressed with the quality of Katie's work. We're now number 1 in Google and our traffic continues to grow in a very competitive market place. I consider Katie a trusted member of my team.

    John Wood Sheffield Physiotherapy

    A true craftsperson

    Katie has consistently grown and managed the social media presence and metrics of several of our key clients. Katie understands how brands communicate. She has a unique ability to convey the correct tone of voice across social channels whilst constantly growing the metrics. A true craftsperson.

    Tom Storer The Black Eye Project

    Proud to support


    • All businesses, large and small, come to me to fix a very specific business problem: They need, or would like more customers. Whenever I'm consulting with a new client, I always find that the following question is the most telling about where

    • I had an interesting Q+A session the other day. During which a lady asked me what was appropriate to post on social media, should we refrain from posting about social topics? "Well" I said "If it's relevant to your brand then

    • Most marketing is unprofitable. Notice I said marketing, not businesses. There are actually a lot of businesses who get by with little to no marketing success, but it makes client acquisition a graft. I wonder what percentage of businesses are