Commissioned by The Black Eye Project  I have assisted Fragata in achieving: 
  • Average 4,182 engagements per month in 2023
  • Average 93,554 reach per month in 2023
  • Average 483 new followers per month in 2023


      @nicola_family_kitchen      @nicola_family_kitchen


Proud moments:

  • Started from 2,321 followers overall to over 30k
  • Took the Tik Tok from 0 – 8951 followers in 2023
  • I’ve been working with The Black Eye Project on the Fragata account for over 5 years




Monthly duties: 

  • Content planning, concept and strategy
  • Photoshoot planning and art direction
  • Influencer campaigns and recipe development, both paid and gifted
  • Content scheduling and account maintenance
  • Community engagement
  • Social advertising
  • Analytics and reporting









Image credit to:

Ross Jarman

Dr Sophie Rushton Smith

Nicola Family Kitchen

Evie May

Mummas Vegan Kitchen

And special thanks to the copywriter on this project, Cat.