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FREE Trello Board for Content Creators

A screen shot of the board

I recently created a mega list of all the places you can source authoritative data, guides and quotes from. You can read that here. I’ve also written about how I use Trello in more detail, as well as other software I find handy here.

That’s a lot of content that needs organising. When researching content, I found myself finding really cool places for my content, and then forgetting about them and not being able to find them again later.

Trello is a free cloud software and app that allows you to organise and store notes, links and documents. You can also work on it collaboratively with other people.

It’s REALLY useful.

Here’s my free Trello board. I’m not asking for your data, just go ahead and get it. You should be able to save it to your own account on web or mobile.

The board has lots of different categories to store your content in, brainstorm, check-lists for content you’re working on and places to store your completed blogs.

But if you enjoy the board, please share it on your social media 🙂