Google Loves Readable Content – Here’s How to Make Your Blogs More Readable

Regular blogging that’s useful, educational and entertaining for your reader is REALLY good for your search engine optimisation.

But, Google doesn’t just like any blog. Google likes readable blogs. There are a few ways to make your blog more digestible, which may improve your search engine rankings.


Here are a few, let’s get started:


Break your content down into subheadings.


Subheadings help your reader – and Google understand clearly what your article is about. You don’t want one big block of content. Break it up as much as feels natural into headings, quotes and bullet points.


Get a high Flesch reading ease score.


Content that is easy to read scores higher in Google than text that is difficult to understand.

The simple fact is, a lot of people don’t read all that well. The average person in the UK can read about as well as a 9-year-old. Many people who read your website have English as a second language.

We may be willing to invest time into reading 1984, because we know it’s an important book. The wordiness can be forgiven. But if your website is too wordy and can’t be read quickly, you won’t be forgiven.

The Flesch reading score takes into account the average sentence length, and the average number of syllables per word. Keep your sentences short and stay away from big words.


Keep your paragraphs short.


Long paragraphs make it difficult for people to read and scan your text.


Use transition words.


Using transition words and phrases such as;

but, more likely, first of all, while, maybe, probably and as a result.

Using transition words makes your content more readable as they give direction to your reader and make text fluid.


Use emphasis.


Emphasising words makes it sound more like it would if one were talking. You can also use emphasis to highlight a certain important point.

You can emphasise by bolding your text, using italics, CAPITALS or highlighting.

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